Note: Though we’ve printed quarterly issues since 1999, we’ve digitized from the current issue back to Spring 2008. Older issues have not been digitized for display on our site.

COVER STORY —Preserving History while Building a Future If old houses could talk, they might tell of family dinners, lonely spells, or maybe the pleasures of a fresh coat of paint. Inanimate, yet imbued with the spirit of those who have lived in them, these grande dames grace local neighborhoods with their rich histories and… Continue Reading

Viking Garden Restaurant

Business Profile —This Solvang restaurant offers a menu of wholesome dishes from around the world. On a world map, Denmark and Mexico are thousands of miles apart. At Viking Garden Restaurant in Solvang, however, one is right next to the other. Flaeskesteg shares the menu with fajitas, medisterpolse meets enchiladas, and pickled herring sits on… Continue Reading

Outdoor Weddings in the Santa Ynez Valley

Special Section  — Santa Ynez Valley Weddings The sound of wedding bells is in the air, and happy couples everywhere are drawn to the Santa Ynez Valley’s breathtaking views and relaxing ambience for their special day. Whether seeking an endless backdrop of vineyards, acres of ranch-style pastures, or scenic views of the crashing waves, our… Continue Reading

A Gourmet Grocery Wonderland

BUSINESS PROFILE In some ways, Los Olivos Grocery Store is a bit of a misnomer. Far from being the typical market, the shop on West Highway 154 is stocked with a dizzying variety of gourmet foods. “We have things that aren’t available anywhere else,” said Z Darghali, one of the four partners who took ownership… Continue Reading

Jose Villa—It’s about Beautiful Pictures

Recently named one of the decade’s top 30 inspirational photographers by Photo District News magazine, Jose Villa documents weddings with the flair of an editorial photographer. His unorthodox approach, coupled with an artistic eye and commitment to shooting exclusively on film, yield photographs radiant with detail and the frisson of unguarded moments captured. Villa shoots… Continue Reading

Art on Wheels

Valley native Jordan Graham, known internationally for his custom hot rods, was named an “enfant prodige” by Hot Rod Magazine at the age of 19. The fingertip disappeared in an instant, sliced away on a metal sheer, severed and“pouring blood.” He fainted while being rushed to the hospital. It happened on the day before the… Continue Reading

From Figueroa—The Banana Slug

Last year’s rainy winter proved to be an exciting time for mushrooms. Instead of wildflowers, mushrooms became my passion. Armed with a few books, I set out to identify the different kinds of mushrooms and took numerous pictures. I soon found that Sunset Valley in Davy Brown was an excellent place to find mushrooms—very large… Continue Reading

FRESCO in the Valley

Business Profile — The Santa Ynez Valley, long known for its outstanding vineyards and stellar wines, is also gaining a well-deserved reputation as a destination for fine food. Contributing to that sensibility is Fresco Valley Café, which has been open in Solvang for just over a year and brings to the Valley the same menu—and… Continue Reading

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company Celebrates First Anniversary

PROFILE— 60 cases of a specially brewed gold label black ale was made to honor the occasion. The bet that father and son owners Jaime and Jim Dietenhofer made when opening Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company a year ago has paid off. A few months ago they added three 30-barrel stainless-steel tanks, tripling the capacity they… Continue Reading

Cherish Your Aging Pets

As we look ahead to the new year, we must not forget about our four-legged companions, especially those moving closer to their senior years. Don’t think of those years as a sad time, but rather a time to cherish our pets as wise and loyal members of the family. Some things to consider that will… Continue Reading