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The number one resource for reaching the affluent and upscale readers in the Santa Ynez Valley, Inside
the Santa Ynez Valley Magazine offers a great advertising value and the best way of reaching Valley residents. With an 18,000 distribution each issue, the total average readership is calculated at 75,000. Available by subscription, and freely to 170+ locations in the Valley, the magazine is applauded by locals, visitors, and advertisers.

The magazine’s distribution staff is on duty continuously over the entire 
three months of each issue’s circulation—there’s never a time that your ad isn’t available all over the Valley.

A reader-friendly online version of each issue is also available in a friendly turn-the-page format. Each issue can now be viewed on phones, tablets and computer.

Published continuously every three months since spring 1999, Inside the Santa Ynez Valley Magazine celebrates the start of its 18th year with the spring 2016 issue.

For further information or to reserve space in the upcoming issue please contact:

Karen Palmer — 805.452.2218
Annie Grider — 805.350.4340
Lesa Raber de Fernandez — 805.680.5855
Dee Lonnon — 805.315.3314
Cheri Peake — 805.688.8008
Office — 805.688.1414
Email –

Published four times a year, each season
Published four times a year, each season

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Click for our media kit